Spring “Wreath”

image (4)

I know that I’m calling this a wreath, and it’s really not one, since it’s not round or well… wreathy.
Door pretties, that’s what I’m going with!

This was extremely easy to make, and made for a fun afternoon.

Also, my spring wreath game is extremely late this year since we’re already approaching summer.
But, a late spring wreath (door pretty) is better than no spring wreath at all!


Bucket with handles

Faux flowers of your choice, I got 2 bundles.

floral foam

Craft cutter (For the house #’s)
[Or just your house #’s made of outdoor vinyl]


I’ve been wanting to make one of these babies for a while now, and saw these flowers for sale at Joann’s, so I decided that today was the day!
I got these beautiful faux flowers for 50% off, bringing my flower total to just $8!

image (10)

I already had this simple little bucket.
Any bucket would work, just make sure it has 2 handles,
or even beach sand buckets would work.
[You could take out the handles & use the holes for your ribbon]

image (9)

I purchased floral foam in the shape of a rectangle, and just cut it down to size.
You’re just going to stuff this down into your bucket.
[I did not have to hot glue it into the interior of my bucket, because it wedged in there really well.
If your bucket is bigger, you might need to hot glue your foam to the base of your bucket]

image (8)

Next, I cut out my numbers!
I measured my bucket, and cut the numbers to fit perfectly to the front of my bucket.
I used my silhouette cameo, you can use any craft cutter or purchase vinyl numbers that are compatible for outdoor use.
[The font that I used here is called: STENCIL]

image (7)

I used a transfer tape from Expressions Vinyl, and put my numbers on my bucket.

image (6)

After you have your numbers on, and have your floral foam attached [or wedged] inside of your bucket,
all you have to do is arrange your flowers!
I do not have wire cutters, so I wasn’t able to separate my bundles,
so I just stuck them both into the foam, and then played with them for a bit until I got the look that I wanted.

The final thing that you have to do is attach ribbon to your bucket handles.
I just used some ribbon that I already had,
[since your ribbon will most likely not be visible].

image (5)

I played with the length a bit, I found that the shorter the ribbon,
the less the bucket rocked around on the door.

Here you can see the back of my bucket,
I just tied the ribbon in double knots around my handles.
Also, you can see that I just have a command hook on my door to hang my bucket on.

image (11)

& You’re done!

Here’s the image that was my inspiration for this door pretty!

Outdoor Wreath   Summer Wreath  Front Door by EverBloomingOriginal,

I hope that you have a fantabulous day!
XOXOXO, The Little Wifey.


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