New Home Dream Sheet.


In a little less than three months, Phillip and I will be moving into our new home!

It has definitely been a long time coming up until this point, and we still have quite a ways to go.
All the waiting has definitley done some good for my decor planning though!

I’v had so much time, (Probably too much time) to just scroll up and down pinterest and plan out every detail of our new home.
I’m sure that Phillip is fairly close to getting tired of me showing him pictures & saying, “Hey babe, you know that one corner in the house.. we should do this there!”. 

He’s such a trooper!
I really am so thankful for him giving me decorating freedom, he’s never made a complaint! Only complimented my efforts (:

Oh & I have no idea what sort of ‘look’ I’m going for in this house. I’m thinking for of a clean, bright, crisp look.
But, knowing myself, I’ll probably slowly creep my way towards an eclectic look.

Let’s start with this dream of a color scheme..
I’m really loving orange walls right now.
Not all the walls, just like a light orange accent wall.
Maybe I’m just overly excited for fall (:


I loveee this one! Maybe a tad too girly for the entire house.
But, I do love it (:
I’ll definitely be incorporating these colors somewhere.


What I love most about this color palette, would be the orange & grey!
I know that I definitely want to incorporate these colors somewhere, and I love that they’r also shown in a scheme with the pinks that I love (:
Also, I fell in love with some turquoise dining chairs that you’ll see a little further down, so it’s good to know that turquoise goes with these lovely colors as well (:


Alrighty, If you could guess, which palette do you think that I’m going to say is my favorite!?

Well.. if you said either the top left, or the top right, your correct!
The reason why I chose these palettes, is because they both have the pinks & the hint of blue that I love, BUT, they also have green.
Which I LOVE.
I especially love that ‘lime yellow look in the top right.

So pretty much, I’v made my own palette of colors from these!
I’v never followed a scheme before (besides for my wedding), so i’m pretty excited about this!
The only way we could go wrong with these colors, would be if we used them in the wrong places.
Which is why I’m planning now (:
Some mistakes are unavoidable though!
What can ya do?!

Now onto the kitchen..

Backsplash backsplash backsplash!

This is what our kitchen looks like now.
(There’s a fridge there now)
One of the first things that I want to do , is install a backsplash!
& thanks to HGTV, I think this will be a DIY project.
With the mass amount of help from my hubs ofcourse (:

kitchen 1

This is the prize that my eye is on!
I love the dark grey subway tiles, with white grout
& I love the way that the white cabinets look with it (:


Dining Room Time!
This excites me the most (:

& these are the looks that I love!

I mainly just like the idea of this picture!
I love the little round table & the upholstered chairs.

diningSame thing with this picture, I love this look! (:
My plan is to have the bench along the window in the dining area, a small round table, then 2 large upholstered chairs opposite of the bench!

Here’s the chairs that are current candidates!

I love these!
They’r from Target & I’v had my eye on them for awhile!
They’r a bit pricey, but they have good reviews, so it might be worth the one time investment (:

These are the little blue babies that I mentioned earlier! 
I love these bar stools & have seen them in store at Target, and they’r just as cute! (:
I think these will be the bar stools that I go with..
They’r also pretty pricey, but hopefully worth the investment (:


As far as the rest of the house, I’m still planning!
We’ve been couch shopping for awhile now, and haven’t found anything that hit the spot.
We want something small enough to not overcrowd our living room, but big enough so that we can both comfortably lay it on while we watch our shows (:
Were probably going to end up with a sectional! (:

I can’t wait to move into the house, that  the progress of our abode! 

Thanks for reading!
I hope that everyone is having an awesome week! (:

XOXOXO, The Little Wifey ❤


2 thoughts on “New Home Dream Sheet.

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    • Aww, thanks so much! I appreciate that, MACA! (: I actually already follow your Instagram. Love the clothes!! & your gorgeous model.. (Stacey Butler, cough cough). But i’ll get write on that Facebook follow! Thanks again! (:

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