Dream a little dream…

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Here it is people… My Dreams!

I’m sharing this because I wanted to express how important I think it is, to dream. I also think that it is very important to write all of your dreams down, and work on making them a reality!

I didn’t number any of the dreams on my list, because they can happen in any order.

It is so so so easy to get caught up in life, and just take the ‘easy way out.’ And settle for less than you deserve. The reason why ‘dreams’ always seem so far off, is because no one seems to take the effort to accomplish them.

For example, the biggest thing I am trying to accomplish right now, is being an actress. It is very easy to think, ‘there are so many aspiring actresses, my chances are so small.’

There are tons of aspiring actors/actresses, but a lot of people give up when the going gets tough. And the people who don’t, are the people who become successful. So that’s my goal.

I have always said that if you have a dream, and you never give up, it seems nearly impossible for it not to come true. Perseverance pays off.

My reason for this post, is just to motivate others to reach their dreams. Just think of all your goals in life, write them down, and then start with the first one.

Say your dream is to create a line of beauty products like me,

First, make products!

There are tons and tons of soap, lotion, etc. tutorials on the internet. Figure out what you want to treat, say wrinkles, or dry skin, and then use ingredients that treat those problems.

Next, figure out your packaging.

Packaging is key! I’m guilty of buying something just because it’s in a cute bottle. Marketing truly sells the product!

Last, sell your product!

Give free samples to friends & family, and they can promote it for you. Go drop of free samples at stores, boutiques, malls, whatever!

And after you do all this, improve! You can’t ever fully improve a product or yourself. There’s always room for improvement (:

Now I’m gonna go start my line.. (:

My husband wants to be a pilot & always has, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m not gonna let him settle for anything less! (:

All it truly takes is initiative. Just do the initial research on how to reach your goals, and go from there!

I hope this motivates you to reach your dreams, we need more dream reach-ers in the world!

Good Luck!

If you need motivation or even an idea of how to get your dream ball rolling, email me at thelittlewifey@yahoo.com.

I would love love love to help motivate you to reach those dreams!



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