A Day in the Sorento…

photo (42)

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Yesterday, Phillip and I went full force DIY-duo and decided to devote this beautiful Saturday to it. And not to mention, we wanted to get our new car out onto the town a bit! I say that so nonchalantly, but I’m SO excited about it!

We wanted to go yard sale-ing, so I googled yard sales in our area, and a there was a long list! We went to all the yard sales that had things such as ‘furniture, antiques, & home decor’ listed.

Oh & have I ever mentioned that I have a serious addiction to anything that holds stuff; crates, baskets, buckets, barrels, OH MY!

If it holds stuff, i want it. 

So of course, when Phillip pointed out this baby, it was all mine!

You can’t tell in this picture, but it’s huge! It’s sitting on my kitchen table here, & it’s almost the width of it.

image (71)

& as if it needed to be justified…

image (72)

We also bought a pile of scrap wood for future projects, and a poker set for Phillip. He went yard saleing with me, so he deserved a treat!

Next Stop:

POL (petroleum, oil, lubricants) Picnic! That’s Phillip’s job, so everyone from his shop got together for a picnic!

I went home after yard-saleing & made some Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Buffalo wing dip is always my go-to party food. Ever find yourself wondering what you should bring to a get-together?

Your Welcome.

Buffalo Chicken Dip folks! It’s just a chip-dip, but you can really dip anything into it. Fried chicken is especially yummy!

& this is a one stop shop for guys, I promise you they will not go more than 15 ft. from where the dip resides.

Buffalo Wing Dip recipe HERE!

On the way to the picnic! Phillips holding the dip, because I didn’t want it to spill in my new car!

& I’m driving of course, because I’m just obsessed with driving my car right now.

We can’t judge the gas mileage on the car yet, because I’m driving so much more than I normally would!

image (67)

And.. I’m just a happy camper about a beautiful day & a new car!

image (65)

The picnic was awesome, and so was the food & friends that were there!

On the way home from the picnic, we saw this cute little bar stool on the side of the road, in great condition!

It appeared to be in great condition anyways, there could be a reason it was on the side of the road.. :O

(I love the back of it!!)

image (69)

And as if this day couldn’t rock my socks off anymore, a nice girl on base gave Phillip & I this patio table.


(Ignore the power tools on top!)

I’m gonna get an umbrella & chairs for it, and possibly paint the white!

image (70)

The awesome thing about a military base is that everyone is so giving & caring.  Kindness really is contagious! Someone gave them this table, so they gave it to us. We plan on returning the favor soon with our old washer & dryer that was given to us when we first got our house!


Today, we took on that lovely bar stool that we found!

I unscrewed the seat from the stool & headed to Lowe’s to find the perfect color!
Voila, here it is!

image (75)

I’v accepted the fact that Phillip is a way better & WAY more patient spray painter than I am.
So, here he is, practicing perfection.

image (76)

Conrad really wants to help paint!

image (77)

Drum-roll Please….
Here she is! I love the way it turned out!

image (79)

Bucky Approved!

photo (43)

That’s all we have for today!

As you can tell, it was quite the eventful day.

And Phillip & I were ready to rip each others hair our by the end of the day…Just being honest.

I hope that everyone had as great of a day as I did!

Adios Amigos!

XOXOXO, The Little Wifey<3


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