Like, you really like it, you want more.

Okay, so does anyone else LOVE the AT&T commercials, with the little kids at the table? If you’v seen the commercials, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s just something about little kids that say clever little things. Gotta love em’! So anyways, speaking of clever, I love when my husband thinks of clever things. He is so smart, and so inventive. I swear  he could make a couch out of cat hair & licorice! I SWEAR. Don’t hold me to that one, but I swear. So, the other day we were sitting there watching T.V., and that commercial came on, and he all of a sudden got the BRILLIANT idea to try and memorize the commercial. So, he re-winded it over and over and OVER, until  he had it down. Needless to say, our cats & dog probably had it memorized by the time he was done. It was so funny, because my husband was SO into it. Like, he even memorized every breath the little girl took. He was all like “By the time I perfect it, we’ll upload it onto you tube, and once it gets so many views, we’ll put an ad onto it, and make lots of money.” He’s gonna not like me so much for saying that. But, I’m about to reveal all the documents I recorded from that day, EVEN the video. So, surely that statement will be the least of his worries. Oh, and this is completely normal for our relationship.

The commercial Paused on the screen…

photo 1

Time to write down the script…

photo 3


photo 2

Rehearsal Time!

photo 4

Draw the curtains peeps, 




2 thoughts on “Like, you really like it, you want more.

  1. I love the island made of candy with the “sand full of sugar”! And don’t forget the animals “like…what would they be made of?” LOL

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