MILSO’s: Military Significant Others

Being a ‘Milso’ consists of a lot more than just being married to a man or woman who serves in the armed forces. When you choose this life, you pretty much have to accept the fact that the military now controls your fate. Luckily, I’m use to the whole military lifestyle. I was a Navy brat my entire childhood, so when Phillip decided to join the Military, it was actually a relief! The only bad thing is, the fact that we had to pack up and leave our family, and our home. Leaving your home is hard, especially because your moving to a place where the only other person you know is your husband or wife. Whenever Phillip and I moved to NC, it was hard at first. I went from having tons of friends, to none. So, when we were invited to his shops Christmas party, I was down in party town! Because I just wanted to get out and meet other wives. And I’m so glad that I did go! Because I met one of my best friends, Taya, and she happens to live three houses down! That’s the great thing about living on base, everyone’s your neighbor! When you move to a military base, I think that it is absolutely necessary to get out and meet people. Because when it comes time for your husband or wife to get deployed, you have a support group already set up for you! Taya’s husband just recently left for his deployment, so we had a little girls night! The best way to get through a deployment, or any separation  is to just get your mind off of it for a little while. We have to realize that there is noting we can do, so let’s not make ourselves miserable.

Our girl’s night began with making dinner!

This salad was amazing! All you do is pick your choice of lettuce. I usually chop up a head of lettuce & toss some spinach leaves in there. Next, chop up an avocado (I do an avocado per person eating; 2 people = 2 avocado). You can just add anything you like; tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, you can’t go wrong! Well, you can go wrong. So, stick to adding your usual salad toppings 🙂 Top it with some cheese & your favorite dressing! I love balsamic vinegar, so that’s what I use!

photo 1

This chicken is SO easy & SO good. I’m going to do a Balsamic Vinegar Chicken tutorial soon!

We just chopped this up &  mixed it into our salad.

photo 2

And.. some girly drinks in my redneck wine glass!

image (44)

Bucky knows how to ‘hang’ with the girls! No pun intended…

Actually, that pun was intended.

photo 3

& our girls night was complete! Full of laughs & NO tears. Which was wonderful!

XOXOXO, The Little Wifey ❤


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