Mt.Olive Pickle Festival!

image (43)

So, you know Mt.Olive pickle company? Well, the name Mt.Olive comes from the place where the pickle factory is. Which happens to be Mt.Olive, North Carolina! And it happens to be only 35 minutes from where we reside. Woohoo! I’v driven by the pickle factory many times, and have always wanted to take a tour of it. I just love factories & so does my husband. I love that “How It’s Made” show, because assembly lines just mesmerize me, they’r so intricate! So, today was the Mt.Olive pickle festival! I was so excited, because I love to take any opportunity to get out of the house with my husband, and just do something fun. And, who doesn’t love a good festival? I sure do! Fun music, awesome food & in this case, sunshine. I needed a good tan, and walking around at the festival was a great opportunity! At first, when I said I wanted to go, my husband was all like “how much is it gonna cost?” blah blah, grumpy. Then, all of a sudden he figured out there was a car show there, and he was in the bedroom, getting dressed & ready before I could even get my sunglasses on. Maybe I’ll start telling him that there’s a car show at the mall 😉

Ollie The Pickle!


This is the McDonalds chick, she ran up to Phillip and started hugging him! :O

image (42)

& this would the the Mcdonalds chick & the Ham-burglar!

image (41)

& here’s the happy camper.

image (39)

I’m not sure why people have an obsession with taking pictures with mascots, but Phillip and I sure do! (:

Overall, it was a wonderful day! Research to see if there are any festivals, farmers markets, or fairs in your area! It’s free, and is such a great thing to do. Much better than spending the day at home!

Now, off to a BBQ at the Henderson’s! (:

XOXOXO, The Little Wifey ❤


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