Good Evening;

Hello hello!

 Welcome to my blog! I’m totally new at this, so we’ll see how it goes. Usually at about this time, I would be watching my Sunday night shows with my husband. But noooooo, he got put on ‘swings’, which here in the world of all things Air force, swings technically mean ‘your gonna work 4-midnight, so that when the sun goes down, your wife can be afraid of any and every noise…including the sounds that the refrigerator makes.’ But that’s okay, because I have a guard dog. His name is Conrad and he’s a 10 pound shih-tzu, he attacks any and everything with love and kisses. Right now is a special time though, he’s reached that age where he needs to get ‘fixed’, so right now he’s showing his love a little differently. You guessed it… Humpty Dumpty. I’v convinced myself that I’ll just let him keep his pride, and he can just make me really cute shih-tzu babies sometime in the future. Because he has really good genes, I mean, hes ADORABLE


For real though… what is that? Just an angelic ball of fur. That’s what he is. We’re a little obsessed with him, but who wouldn’t be?


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